Who Cares? – Unpaid Care Work in Kosovo

In the Republic of Kosovo, women spend an average of 6.2 hours and men 3.5 hours in unpaid care work per day. This is one of the main findings of the research report “Who Cares – Unpaid work in Kosovo” which was published by the Institute for Social Policy Musine Kokalari in Pristina.

Research findings show that while an individual spends an average of 4.9 hours on unpaid care work in Kosovo (direct or indirect), women spend 2.7 hours or 44% more on unpaid care work than men. Women spend 4.73 hours doing housework, 1.97 hours in childcare, and 1.15 hours in elder care. Meanwhile, men spend 2.97 hours doing housework, 0.95 hours caring for children and 0.42 hours caring for the elderly.

The total estimated value of unpaid care work in Kosovo is € 2,824,248,757 or 33% of Kosovo’s GDP. Women spend on average 2,263 hours in unpaid care work in a year – or 94 days. Men spend an average of 1,314 hours in unpaid care work (although not the same activities) – or 55 days. Kosovars spend an average of 1,795 hours performing unpaid care activities – or 75 days in total.

“Who Cares – Unpaid Care Work in Kosovo” presents the country-wide results of quantitative and qualitative research on caregiving as unpaid work in Kosovo. A time-use survey was carried out, as well as six focus group discussions in order to investigate citizen’s perceptions on unpaid care work.

The report was launched today in Pristina, the findings of which were presented by Marigonë Drevinja, Program Director of the Institute for Social Policy Musine Kokalari. Meanwhile, Ardiana Gashi, professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pristina discussed on various policy issues regarding care as well as European practices.

The report “Who Cares – Unpaid Care Work in Kosovo” was developed within the Human Rights project – HumanRightivism, and was supported by the Swedish Embassy in Pristina through the Community Development Fund – CDF and the Swedish Agency for Cooperation and International Development – SIDA.

Read the full report in English here:

October 25, 2022

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