Roundtable Discussion “Improving Kosovo-Serbia Economic Relations”

Enabling free trade, defining the regional framework for the implementation of Article 6 of the Agreement for the Path of Normalization of Relations, enabling CEFTA decisions and the abolition of double taxation and equal access to the labor market – are some of the recommendations of the latest publication “Improving Kosovo-Serbia Economic Relations” by the Institute for Social Policy Musine Kokalari from Prishtina in cooperation with the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory from Belgrade.

This document of recommendations was presented today in Prishtina, and it is based on the current state of regional agreements for trade and cooperation, as well as in line with the basic principles of the Brussels Agreement on the economic relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, as one of the important pillars towards the final agreement.

The discussion concluded that the economic cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia is in the interest of regional peace and development.

“Possible cooperation in the energy sector should be explored. Both Kosovo and Serbia must recognize the need for deepening cooperation in the energy sector, the need for long-term development and energy transition in accordance with the Green Agenda, engaging in the exploration of opportunities for expanding this cooperation”, said Mr. Ilir Deda, our expert from Prishtina.

Accelerating the implementation of transport projects, such as speeding up work towards a rail link and establishing a direct flight between Belgrade and Prishtina, as well as the beginning of a strategic discussion on the complementarity of economies are some of the recommendations.

“Kosovo and Serbia must turn from opponents to cooperation partners, working together and drawing up a joint development plan for the four northern municipalities of Kosovo, either through the creation of the free zone in North Mitrovica, or through the investment program in common to start its partnership in peace”, said Mr. Aleksandar Pavlović our expert from Belgrade.

After the presentation, representatives of the Embassies of the United States of America, France, United Kingdom, non-governmental organizations, media, etc., discussed the proposals presented and the possibilities of developing economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

This publication will be finalized over the next few days, once the suggestions from the participants at the round table are included.

The report was compiled within the project “The Implementation of Article VI of Agreement on the Path to Normalization of Relations between Kosovo and Serbia” supported by the Peaceful Change Initiative as part of the project “Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development” with the support of UK Aid.

March 18, 2024

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