“Musine Kokalari” Institute is an independent institute, established as a think tank, promoting social democratic values in Kosovo by actively engaging in progressive policies in Kosovo.

We focus on conceptualizing and promoting a more just, equal and fair society, which, by focusing on the future, strive to overcome differences, narrow gaps and establish common public civic based values which are shared by all and cherished collectively. 

We work towards achieving a much higher social cohesion based on social equality and coexistence of different cultures.

A just and fair society is an open society, which embraces diversity and equality among its members, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social position and cultural background. 

To this end, the Institute’s focus is particularly on promoting women and workers rights; diverging cultural identity; a more equal redistribution of wealth, which includes increasing transparency and efficiency of public institutions according to principles of good governance; the economic rationale of social issues; human rights; clean environment as a human right and space of equality; and a better regional cooperation.

Our political reality needs to reach a higher state of development and interaction. Most of the things that we deal with in Western Balkans, as problems and challenges, are neither new nor particular to the region. In actuality, they are similar to the ones faced by countries of the region, as well as countries of the European Union. Therefore, social and political reforms cannot be done in one country alone. Neither should we insist that solutions to these problems be necessarily authentic. Therefore European social and political values are inevitable in our society and our political discourse.

We organize conferences, create policy papers and conduct research. The aim of these activities is to strengthen the capacity of the Kosovo progressive organizations to create, implement and promote their programs and policies. Moreover, we work to strengthen social and civic capacities and capabilities for various Unions, Associations and citizens organizations to raise their voice and elaborate their interests and demands. The Institute believes that democracy is possible only through bottom up approach.

We believe in a much more stronger regional networking of progressive think tanks, which enables a more profound, better informed and more effective debate and discussion on the issues and problems that we all deal with, and have no particular, but only universal, answer.