New Publication: “A Living Wage for Workers in Kosova”

Authored by economist Edison Jakurti, the study “A living wage for workers in Kosova: Striving for a basic but decent livelihood” provides the first estimates of a living wage in Kosovo. A living wage ensures that workers and their families can afford a basic but decent life.

Using the methodology by Anker and Anker (2017), the study estimates:

-For a family of four: €1,295 gross (€1,152 net), ranging from €1,224 gross (€1,091 net) in rural areas to €1,394 gross (€1,236 net) in urban areas.

-For a single adult: €816 gross (€720 net), with variations from €762 gross (€674 net) to €880 gross (€775 net).

The findings reveal a significant gap between current minimum wages and the estimated living wage, highlighting that many workers on minimum wage struggle to cover basic necessities. Despite proposed increases, the new minimum wage would still fall short of a living wage.

Key insights include:

-Only 20% of wages meet the living wage standard.

-Wage inequality is prominent, especially in public administration.

-Men’s wages are closer to the living wage compared to women’s.

-Only three economic sectors meet the living wage for both genders: “Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply,” “Information and communication,” and “Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies.”

The study calls for urgent action from the government, businesses, trade unions, and NGOs to address these gaps and work towards eradicating working poverty in Kosovo.

For more details, read the full report:

May 29, 2024

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