Le Monde Diplomatique – In Albanian

The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari”, with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office (SDC) in Kosovo, publishes and distributes in Kosovo and in Albania the well-known French monthly “Le Monde Diplomatique” in Albanian language.

“Le Monde Diplomatique” in Albanian has joined dozens of existing international editions: English, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and even Palestinian, Farsi, Esperanto etc.

“Le Monde Diplomatique’s” translation is an attempt for greater social cohesion, in a time of globalization and at the heart of numerical modernity, where the local media space is increasingly focused on short, fast and localized information.

This project is a part in the “Musine Kokalari” Institute’s goal to create alternative spaces and progressive thinking in an environment where xenophobic, conservative, exploitative, nationalist, fanatical, authoritarian, oligarchic, patriarchal etc. ideas are often spread in the name of freedom of expression.

Translating articles from the international and regional scene, as well as producing local articles mainly of social, economic and cultural character, “Le Monde Diplomatique” in Albanian is not only at the service of the universalization of local socioculture, but above all a platform aimed to enrich the media and public space with themes on equality, social justice, citizenship and coexistence.