Hydropower Plants: Private Gains at the Detriment of Public Environment

The Institute for Social Policy ‘Musine Kokalari’, with the support of the Community Development Fund – CDF, within the project ‘HumanRightivism’, implements the project: “Social Impact of Hydropower Plants on our society” have published the report titled “Hydropower plants for private profit damage public environment”. The raport shows the research on the issuing permits for

The report “Hydropower Plants: Private Gains at the Detriment of Public Environment” is published, with research findings and recommendations

The Institute for Social Policy “MusineKokalari” at a press conference has presented the report titled “Hydropower Plants: Private Gains at the Detriment of Public Environment”. This study has been conducted as a part of “Social Impact of Hydropower Plants on Our Society” project, supported by the Community Development Fund – CDF’s Human Rightivism, and funded

The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari” joined the Pride Parade in solidarity with LGBTQIA + community

Today, for the fifth time, the Pride Parade was held in Prishtina under the slogan “Together and Proud”. Hundreds of citizens and activists joined the march which celebrates LGBTQIA + community, and demands the respect of human rights, freedom, social solidarity and institutional responsibility. Besides its symbolic character, the Pride aims at bringing to the


Visar Ymeri, Executive Director of the Institute for Social Policy ‘Musine Kokalari’, participated in the signing ceremony of the project “Social Impact of Hydropower Plants on our society”. This project will be implemented with the support of the Community Development Fund – CDF, within the project HumanRightivism. The project will address the issues of issuing permits for

The second issue is published: “Social and Democratic Watchdog”

The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari” has published the second issue of “Social and Democratic Watchdog ” regarding the management of the Covid-19 pandemic by state and public institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. Publication informs, analyzes and gives recommendations regarding the government restrictive measures, Emergency Package, as well as data on domestic violence.

First Edition of “Social & Democratic Watchdog”

Visar Ymeri, Executive Director, and Naim Jakaj, Researcher at the “Musine Kokalari” Institute for Social Policy, promoted the publication of the first edition of the “Social and Democratic Watchdog” during a press conference. The Watchdog is a statistical summary of the effects that Covid-19 Pandemic has had in relation to Government decisions, human rights and


The Institute for Social Policy “Musine Kokalari” calls for state institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to draft and implement a concrete plan against the discrimination of the LGBTQI community. This community continues to face hate speech, physical violence, moral violence, discrimination in employment and employment rights, social rejection, intolerance in the public sphere, as

We need to change the Labor Law and increase the minimum wage

This May 1st is finding the world and Kosovo facing the health and economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic. The position of workers in Kosovo has not improved significantly this year either. The minimum wage has not moved from 170 EUR per month (as set in 2011), although during this time there has been an increase

Workers at risk from crisis and abandoned by unions

The economic crisis has already begun and this crisis inevitably hits the poorest strata of society – the ones on social benefits, the unemployed, and low-income employees. This is true for every country and it is becoming very difficult in Kosovo. Private sector employees are the most endangered for many reasons. Most of them are

One Balkan Towards the European Union

Executive Director of “Musine Kokalari” Institute for Social Policy (IMK), during the weekend, Visar Ymeri attended the “One Balkan Towards the European Union” conference organized in Skopje by ProgWeB (Progressive Politics in Western Balkans). In the discussions on the European perspective, among the panelists were  Tanja Fajon, Member of the European Parliament, Zoran Zaev, former


Today marks 12 years since the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. At the time when this Constitution was adopted, immediately after the declaration of independence, due to political circumstances, the discussion of the details of the Constitution was impossible, while it was also seen as unnecessary. Today, 12 years later, it

Who are we?

“Musine Kokalari” Institute is an independent institute, established as a think tank, promoting social democratic values in Kosovo by helping progressive political parties and social organizations to create, implement and promote their policies. We focus on conceptualizing and promoting a more just, equal and fair society, which, by focusing on the future, strives to overcome